Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Padilla case goes to Atlanta

The 11th Circuit heard argument today in Jose Padilla's case on Judge Cooke's decision to dismiss Count I of the indictment. More to follow later, but here's Vanessa Blum's (Sun-Sentinel) take of the argument. Heavyweights argued it -- Anne Schultz for the Government and Paul Rashkind for the defense. Both are chiefs of the appellate divisions of their respective offices.


Anonymous said...

Wow, David, thanks for reporting the facts and not injecting your defensive views. It's apparent that Ms Cook will be over turned, AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

At least be respectful Ms/Mr AUSA, she is the Honorable Judge Marcia Cooke (well, on second thought, maybe you could just spell her name right you feable minded soul)?