Wednesday, January 03, 2007

News and Notes

1. Listen to Nina Totenberg's story on Jose Padilla here. Lots of interesting stuff, including high-ranking government officials stating that it was the government's intent to incapacitate Jose Padilla. Totenberg quotes an official who says that it would be in the government's interest to have the Court declare Padilla incompetent and send him to a medical facility.

2. Justice John Paul Stevens says he is a "moderate conservative" in an interview about Gerald Ford. Fun to watch...

3. "Greenberg Traurig Reached $7.6 Million Settlment with FDIC": Greenberg Traurig agreed to pay the FDIC $7.6 million for its role as a legal adviser to the now defunct Hamilton Bank of Miami, according to a June settlement between the FDIC and Greenberg.

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