Thursday, December 14, 2006

Padilla status conference Monday

Judge Marcia Cooke will hold a status conference Monday on the issue of Padilla's competency. According to this AP article by Curt Anderson, prosecutors and defense lawyers have agreed that before the case can proceed to trial, Padilla must be found competent after a hearing. Psychological evaluations have been submitted to the judge detailing Padilla's competency issues. Here are some of the findings as reported in the AP article:
  • "Reports being suspicious of everyone, including his attorneys, and stated that he does not know who he can and cannot trust. He indicated he was unsure of whether his attorneys might really be federal agents posing as his attorneys.''
  • "Appeared to become visibly distressed whenever asked about sensitive topics (his palms appeared to become sweaty ... his body would tense up, and he would rock back and forth).''
  • "Is unable to watch video recordings of his interrogation ..."
  • "Appears convinced at times that no matter what happens he will be returned to the brig, even if he prevails in the current case.''
  • "Was certain that nobody could help him, that he could not be rescued from his current situation.''
  • Both experts concluded that Padilla was not faking mental problems and, in Hegarty's words, "is terrified that anyone will consider him mentally ill or crazy.''


Anonymous said...

These are all characteristics of a guilty person!

Patrick (G) said...

Given what he has been put through, His suspicions and fears are neither irrational nor unreasonable.

That the Navy took charge of this civilian's custody and returned a broken man is a stain upon its honor.

Anonymous said...

to 8:40
Guilty of what?

Anonymous said...

guilty of talking about terrorism - that is now a crime.