Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ellis Rubin RIP

Icon Ellis Rubin has died.
Love him or hate him, he is a legend in this community... Way ahead of his time and a true trial lawyer. Rumpole has this to say:

Mr. Rubin was a throwback to the days when the solitary defense attorney rode into town to defend the person no one else would defend.Did Mr. Rubin like a case in the news? Sure. But don't let his cases in the press mask the underlying talent of an excellent trial lawyer. He should not be remembered for that one case everyone mentions (TV intoxication). He should be remembered for being a fighter, an innovator, a man who cared about his clients, and man who went to jail for his beliefs.
We proudly admit we bought and read his book "Get Me Ellis Rubin". One comment always stuck with us, and only a real trial lawyer would be able to write about it. Mr. Rubin wrote that he always enjoyed trying cases against a prosecutor who had a reputation for never losing. Because when he managed to cause them enough problems in trial, he knew they were in unfamiliar territory and he had the advantage. Only a lawyer who tries a lot of cases knows that feeling. From the outside looking in, we think his was a life well lived. We celebrate his memory.

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Anonymous said...

I read Mr. Rubin's book and also got the chance to meet him. Attorneys like Ellis Rubin are hard to find these days. He was an intelligent, imaginative, and relentless attorney but more importantly he had integrity.