Monday, September 04, 2006

Welcome back

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend. The Marlins are over .500. The Canes are playing (update -- ugh, they lost). One week till the Dolphins. All is good. (Except that the Crocodile Hunter died). (update -- and except that it is pouring rain on election day. For all your state court judicial election updates, check out Rumpole).

A couple notes...

1) Starting salaries for new associates are up, at least in NY, to $145,000. Any news on Miami salaries?

2) "A former law student has filed a federal class action against St. Thomas University School of Law of Miami, claiming that it is illegally accepting and then expelling more than 25 percent of its first-year class to boost its flagging bar pass rates." Here's the Complaint.

3) According to the Washington Post, terrorism prosecutions are down. "In 2002, federal prosecutors filed charges against 355 defendants in international terrorism cases, the study said. By last year, that number had dropped to 46, fewer than in 2001. Just 19 such cases have been prosecuted so far this year, the study said." Here's the report.

Updated Monday morning:

4) Pictures from the NACDL seminar in Miami.

5) Hunton & Williams in trouble due to defections? Julie Kay's article suggests yes.

Here's a quiz for you:

Which of the following (inconsistent) positions is correct?

A. Defendants accused of being spies for the Cuban government can get a fair trial in Miami despite the anti-Fidel/Cuban sentiment.

B. A Defendant (an immigration agent) accused of civil rights violations in the Elian Gonzalez case could not get a fair trial in Miami because of anti-Fidel/Cuban sentiment.

C. Defendants (anti-Castro activists) accused of weapons offenses are brought to trial in Ft. Lauderdale because they'll be viewed as "terrorists [instead of] heroes." (no fair trial in Miami because of the anti-Fidel/Cuban sentiment).

D. All of the above.

The U.S. Government chose D -- sometimes Miami is a fair venue for trial; sometimes not. Read Jay Weaver's article here.

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