Monday, September 18, 2006

Money and Movies

Two articles in the Review today that you should check out.

The first concerns the highest billing rates charged by the South Florida legal elite. Eugene Stearns earns first prize with a jaw dropping $700 per hour. I guess you can charge this rate when you win a $1.1 billion verdict against arguably the most powerful corporation in the country.

In the second article, John Pacenti reports on a crazy federal kidnapping case before Judge Huck. The case began with a $7.4 million heist from a Lufthansa Airlines flight at MIA. The case apparently involved both a real kidnapping and a fake one as everyone scrambled for their share of the loot. $5 million from the score has not been recovered. Judge Huck told the lawyers that Hollywood producers should be contacted.

If David were here I am sure he would have a poll on who would play the participants:
Judge Huck
U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta
Defense lawyer Alex Michaels

Any suggestions?

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