Saturday, May 20, 2006

Scalia v. Feeney

Ann Althouse has this post about Justice Scalia rebuking big fan Tom Feeney.

[Justice Scalia]: "No one is more opposed to using foreign law than I am, but I'm darned if I think it's up to Congress to direct the Supreme Court how to make its decisions."Let's have a response from the congressional Scalia fans:

Rep. Tom Feeney (R-Fla.), who has co-sponsored a nonbinding resolution against the use of foreign law, said that Scalia's comments were "like being told your favorite baseball player disagrees with your approach to hitting."Scalia's "brilliance," Feeney said, "has not convinced a majority of the court. He needs our help, even if he doesn't want it."Feeney said that Scalia's remarks may have damaged chances for his resolution's passage, since they will probably be quoted by its opponents.

What a desperate baseball metaphor!

So Feeney thinks Scalia may have undercut his resolution a tad? Perhaps -- just perhaps -- his opponents will now quote his hero against him? How hilariously embarrassing for Feeney. I was only trying to help.

Love him or hate him, Scalia is always entertaining. Whether it's the Sicilian gesture or calling his fellow Justices idiots, he makes things interesting... Plus no rationale person could disagree with him on this one -- Congress has no place telling the Supreme Court how to do its job.

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