Friday, May 26, 2006

News and notes

Before I get out of here for the long (rainy) weekend, here are a couple news and notes from the Sun-Sentinel's Vanessa Blum:

1. Jose Padilla is asking to review classified material, which shouldn't be a problem in this case because it's material he supposedly provided to the feds. Nevertheless, the government is objecting. Here's the issue as framed by the article: "The materials at issue are written records and videotapes of the statements Padilla himself provided to interrogators during his lengthy military detention at a South Carolina Navy brig.All of which poses an unusual conundrum: Padilla's lawyers, who have security clearances, may review the material but cannot discuss it with their client because the information is classified. In a legal brief filed this week in Miami federal court, attorney Andrew Patel [and FPDs Michael Caruso, Tony Natale, and Orlando do Campo] argues that Padilla must be given access to the classified material in order to receive a fair trial."

2. The oath of office case was decided by Judge Middlebrooks, who "ruled that the oath of office in the village of Tequesta does not violate the U.S. Constitution by requiring public officeholders to swear to 'support, protect and defend' the federal and state governments." From the sound of the article and from what those who were present at the hearing told me, the councilman's argument -- by Richard Rosenthal -- was lively and very forceful even though he was facing a very uphill battle.

Have a great weekend...

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