Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I might as well blog...

... since we are on day 7 of deliberations.

Jay Weaver reports on the government bugging of the FIU couple here. Very interesting article. Here's the intro: "Federal agents planted a bug in the bedroom of a Florida International University a couple of years ago, netting evidence to charge them as unregistered agents for the Cuban government, according to court records. The FBI also wiretapped the home phones of Professor Carlos Alvarez and his counselor wife, Elsa Alvarez, from at least late 2001 until last summer, collecting electronic evidence on practically all of their conversations.
The reams of intercepts included mundane exchanges and even the private musings between husband and wife." Here is the defense motion on the issue and the government's brief as well.

Also, Jack Abramoff will be sentenced today. Brian Tannebaum blogs about it here and here.

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