Friday, March 03, 2006

Blog press

Florida Trend has an article about Florida legal blogs by Cynthia Barnett and mentions SDFLA.

(I'm home for the weekend, and then back to Savannah for trial on Monday. We've zoomed through 50 witnesses. Another 100 to go...)


Anonymous said...

As is typical of the Florida Trend they only covered a small segment of the industry. Check out They've developed an active group of personal injury attorney/bloggers. If you're going to write a story on attorneys who are blogging don't leave out groups you don't like. That's not good journalism.

Nightfighter said...

Hi David,

This is off topic but, I just helped to select a jury in a murder case in Fulton County, Georgia. I was wondering where I can find info about the kind of jurors I must recommend to judge black males who are your ordinary 'work every day' types.

The jury I helped to select, I thought was impartial... but I'm wondering if highly educated types we ended up with have an intrinsic bias towards your average joes and their reactions to stress filled real life situations.

I'm sure you've guess it client lost and I trying to figure out what I could have done better to help him.


Anonymous said...


Guilty is guilty no matter how you slice it. The jury has spoken now lets inject him!