Tuesday, February 21, 2006

News and notes

Well, we picked a jury in Savannah today. We started at 9AM and were done by 2PM. When the case is over, I will have more commentary on federal jury selection. I have posted previously on eliminating the peremptory challenge.

Busy day at the Supremes. There was a Blakely cert grant. Abortion debate is back in DC. But I know most of you were following the hallucinogenic tea case. Today, the High Court -- per Roberts -- allowed the small church to continue drinking it (to the disgust of the DEA) so that they could connect with God. Right about now, I could use some of that tea. (The Court took no action in the Padilla case, so right now it's full steam ahead for the trial to proceed in September in front of Judge Cooke).

Excuse the slow blogging while I'm in trial... I'm hoping Seitles and Anon will pick up the pace...

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