Monday, February 27, 2006

It's official...

... the FDC-Miami officials have lost their marbles.

Check out the DBR article today (another Julie Kay special) about the new dress code at the prison -- FOR LAWYERS. Here's the intro:

Going to visit a client in the Federal Detention Center in Miami? Better make sure you’re wearing a conservative suit, and whatever you do, don’t wear gray slacks and a blue blazer. In recent weeks, the FDC has begun cracking down on villainous lawyers who wear nonmatching pants and blazers, gray pants and blue blazers and even khaki pants. And women who wear skirts above the knee or with slits are reportedly being turned away, too. Miami lawyer Bruce Alter said in a phone message he was turned away from the FDC last week for wearing khaki pants, as was Darryl Wilcox, an assistant federal public defender, who was wearing gray pants, a white shirt, red tie and blue blazer. “I was wearing the standard out-of-court outfit,” Wilcox said. “They told me it was too similar to what the Bureau of Prisons guards wear.” While Wilcox was not allowed to enter the jail, the public defender-hired translator was waiting inside with Wilcox’s client, who speaks only Spanish. Wilcox ended up returning to his Fort Lauderdale office without being able to see his client. “I was annoyed,” Wilcox said. “But I guess security is security.”


Anonymous said...

Please stop whining! Go to Kmart and redo your wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

No one is forcing you to live down there.