Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New state court gossip blog

Just wanted to point you all to a fun new blog about the state court justice building in Miami, called Justice Building Blog. Its author is Rumpole, who describes himself* this way:
In order to allow a free and fun discussion of the Justice Building, and because from time to time I need to get my clients a bond, I have assumed the identity of that famed English Defense Attorney Rumpole of the Bailey. What I can reveal is that I am a practicing criminal defense attorney in Miami, Florida who has the same high opinion of Judges, Prosecutors, Civil Lawyers, and stuffed shirts as my fictitious alter ego.
I've been asked who the author is and have even been asked if it was me. I don't know who it is and it certainly isn't me.

*Although I use the male pronoun, for all we know Rumpole could be a woman. See, e.g., Article III Groupie, A/K/A AUSA David Lat.


Anonymous said...

Do a poll -- is it Michael Catalano, Ken Kukec or Jeff Feiler? Leave room for write-in ballots.

Anonymous said...

It's really sad that a person has to publish under a pseudonym -- what's the point of hiding behind anonymity?