Thursday, November 17, 2005


No more Pit Bull ads. Ft. Lauderdale lawyers John Pape and Marc Chandler were reprimanded and ordered to attend advertising classes for their infamous pit bull ads (and 1800pitbull #). Here's the AP article and here's the opinion.


Anonymous said...

Oh, shoot. So much for my "fighting cocks" ad. (In honor of my Cuban background.)

Anonymous said...

It is very clear that the dear judge do NOT undertand the true nature of this breed. Should he had the good fortune to own one himself and not be misslead by common fear of this breed, or the result of the few who raise the breed to bring out the worst in it's nature, he would have ruled in favour of this add!
I'm from Canada and when we need a lawyer in order to deal with ICBC we all should have the good fortune (big time) to hire a 'well heeled' pitbull. We suffer hugely as the result of no pitbull lawyers. We did have one, but the ICBC hyenas ganged up on him. My view of pit bulls; Loyal to their owner to the death, eager to please, Intelligent, aware, fearlessly protective and will not back down- (or make a deals under the table ;)) ), will not be intimidated.
I wish these lawyers INCREDIBLE - OVER the TOP success!!! Go get'em!