Monday, August 01, 2005

Who is Alex Acosta?

So wonders the Daily Business Review this morning in a piece (you need a password to access) about the new acting U.S. Attorney in the Southern District, R. Alexander Acosta:

"Who is Alex Acosta? That’s the question South Florida attorneys are asking about the new acting U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

“No one knows anything about him,” said Brian Tannebaum, president of the Miami chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

“I haven’t met him yet.” Kathleen Williams, the top federal public defender in South Florida, said, “I have never met the U.S. attorney. He has not practiced in the area, so none of us knows him.” . . .

But what South Florida attorneys do know is causing them some concern — namely that Acosta has never tried a case and has little experience in criminal law. “The word on the street is that he has no criminal law experience,” Tannebaum said. “I would like a U.S. attorney who has experience in criminal justice … who has some working knowledge of criminal justice."

If you know anything about him, please use the notes to fill us in (you can even be anonymous if you'd like).

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Anonymous said...

What difference does experience make? Some of the worst of the US Attorneys (and assistants) have criminal justice and trial experience, but lack any real judgment. Some of the best of the former US Attorneys had no real criminal justice experience. There appears to be no real corrolation between CJ or trial experience and success in the job. Consider that criminal justice was new for both Kendall Coffey & Dexter Lehtinen (one good, one not -- you decide), and criminal justice was part of the background of others (Roberto Martinez & Marco Jimenez -- one good, one worthless -- no question which was which). Then there's the ever-rotating crew of high-ranking AUSA's in SD Fla -- all of whom have plenty of experience -- and to most of whom you would not entrust any of the important decisions in life. So, once R. Alex Acosta has had a chance to prove himself -- give him another 30 days or so -- we'll know if his lack of experience has anything to do with his performance.