Sunday, August 14, 2005

Update on the Polls

The Southern District of Florida blog has had two polls -- one for the next Supreme Court nominee from Florida (the President didn't listen to our push for a Floridian) and one for the biggest case in this District. There have been 237 votes for next Floridian Justice. 25% have voted for Stanley Marcus. Adalberto Jordan, 21%; Federico Moreno 15%; and Cecilia Altonaga 14%. I'll keep the poll up while we still have Supreme Court mania... The other poll hasn't received as many votes, but the current leader is Bush v. Gore with 30%, USA v. Falcon/Magulta 16%, and the case not filed Iran-Contra 15%. Perhaps two recent in-the-news cases, USA v. Abramoff and the Cuban Spy case, should have been on the list...

I'm also working on putting together links for important District websites that I will list on the blog. Please email me with any thoughts for links that should be included. I'll try to get that up on the site shortly. Thanks to those of you who have emailed me with suggestions for the blog and with tips on cases.

--David Markus

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