Friday, November 22, 2019

President Trump officially nominates Andrew Brasher to the 11th Circuit

It's hard to imagine a court going through more change than the 11th Circuit. Here's the link to the WH press release. Brasher will fill Ed Carnes' seat if he is confirmed. He will have a tougher time than Luck and Lagoa, who were easily confirmed.


Anonymous said...

yeah it will take him an extra five minutes and his confirmation vote will not be unanimous. he will still be an article iii judge. the senate confirmed a rapist to the supreme court and numerous unqualified candidates to lower courts
thank you moscow mitch

Anonymous said...

Only change is the faces. The law of the circuit will continue to be, as it has been, over-the-top conservative. Same judging, different faces.

Anonymous said...

He will have the honor of representing a state in which 49% of the electorate voted for a known pedophile to represent them in the United States Senate. Good people!

Anonymous said...


Excellent post, your wit is astounding!

Curious what your opinion is on the federalist society....?

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your welcome

-The Federalist Society