Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Democratic Debates in Miami (UPDATED)

They start tonight with 10 candidates and another 10 tomorrow night. Seems like way too many to have any meaningful discussion.

Will the topic of judges be brought up?

Criminal Justice?

Meantime, the final decisions from the Supreme Court are coming out in a few minutes, and any stragglers will be tomorrow. Check SCOTUSblog for updates.

Finally, I haven’t heard anything about the Rubio JNC interviews on Monday. If you have any tips or intel, please let me know and I will post it anonymously.

UPDATE — Justice Gorsuch again rules with the 4 liberal Justices on a criminal justice issue, this time in a sex-offender case. Here’s the opinion. He’s channeling his inner-Scalia. Here’s how the opinion starts:

Only a jury, acting on proof beyond a reasonable doubt,may take a person’s liberty. That promise stands as one ofthe Constitution’s most vital protections against arbitrary government. Yet in this case a congressional statute compelled a federal judge to send a man to prison for aminimum of five years without empaneling a jury of hispeers or requiring the government to prove his guilt be-yond a reasonable doubt. As applied here, we do not hesitate to hold that the statute violates the Fifth and Sixth Amendments


Anonymous said...

Gorsuch is no friend to criminal defendants. Don't kid yourself.

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