Friday, May 26, 2017

More federal judges?

Senators Rubio and Nelson have proposed more federal judges in Florida, with 3 new judgeships going to SDFLA.  But we have a bunch of openings now and a bunch more coming, so I'm not sure how adding more slots that aren't being filled is going to help...


Anonymous said...

Please, no more judges.

Future of the profession: Will Computers Replace Judges?

Can/Should Computers Replace Judges?
Anthony D’Amato
11 Georgia Law Review 1277-1301 (1977)

"The most important inquiry in jurisprudence has always seemed to me to be whether it is possible to have the rule of law rather than the rule of persons. In what sense can an abstraction called "law" actually shape the lives and channel the behavior of persons? Does law "dictate" the proper result in a given case even if the judge's personal inclinations would be to award the decision in a different fashion? And how can we tell? Judges are preeminently capable of
rationalizing their results and couching them in appropriate-sounding legal phrases."

The Yale Law Journal - Forum: Judges in Jeopardy!: Could IBM’s Watson Beat Courts at Their Own Game?

Technology Assisted Review: The Judicial Pioneers
Paul E. Burns and Mindy M. Morton
The Sedona Conference Institute
March 13-14, 2014

I. Introduction

"It has been a little over two years since the first, ground-breaking court opinion addressing technology-assisted review was issued by United States Magistrate Judge Andrew J. Peck of the Southern District of New York.1 Indeed, Judge Peck referred to this game-changing technological development in ediscovery by the more accurate phrase "computer-assisted review...""

Anonymous said...

Rubio so transparent. He blocks two qualified judges. Now says we need more judges when GOP controls the White House. And Nelson goes along.

Anonymous said...

Lil' Marco trying to stack the bench. FAM trying to put his boys on.

Anonymous said...

What is your definition of "Qualified?" Liberal?