Thursday, February 09, 2017

News and Notes

1.  Former Carnes clerk, former AUSA and current Circuit Judge Robert Luck was named today to the 3rd DCA.  From the DBR:
In an earlier interview, Luck told the Daily Business Review that Carnes taught him "lawyers and judges, both orally and when we write, should speak in a way that the everyday person can understand."

During Luck's time at the U.S. Attorney's Office, he handled 19 jury trials — a rarity for a young lawyer. Luck secured a guilty plea in the largest student visa fraud to date. He also persuaded a court to impose a 20-year prison sentence on a doctor who ran a $50 million Medicare fraud scheme, and he got a guilty plea from a boat captain who tried to smuggle dozens of Dominicans into the U.S.
Luck became a circuit judge the first time he applied. In August's judicial election, he kept his seat in the circuit's criminal division by a margin of 53.5 percent to challenger Yolly Roberson's 46.5 percent.
2. Tonight is the big shindig for the Federal Bar Association at the Hyatt.  It's the "36th Annual Federal Judicial Reception" from 5:30-8:30.  Enjoy!

3.  And tomorrow is the DCBA's Bench and Bar conference. Lots of interesting panels.  They stuck mine during the lunch hour... I'll be moderating a panel at noon on "Trends in Criminal Law" with some great speakers including Judges Milton Hirsch and Nushin Sayfie, Federal Public Defender Michael Caruso, State Public Defender Carlos Martinez, State Attorney Kathy Fernandez Rundle, and U.S. Attorney Willy Ferrer.


Anonymous said...

That's true. Every time I've spoken to Judge Carnes he's told me quite clearly what he thinks of my client.

Anonymous said...

You think the lunch hour is bad? Try being the last panel standing between the attendees and the cocktail reception? Ha. At least you have a blog going for you!

Anonymous said...

p.s. Ask Willy what his next move is. Or does he realty think the Prez will let him stay put?

Anonymous said...

Willy has been a good, reasonable USA. In other words, Sessions won't let him stay. Sessions is bad. Only David Duke would have been a worse pick for AG.

BTW: Willy is not white enough for Sessions' liking.

Anonymous said...

Reasonable? You must be a current AUSA to believe that.

Anonymous said...

"[H]e got a guilty plea from a boat captain who tried to smuggle dozens of Dominicans into the U.S." That's fucking amazing.

Rumpole said...

Trends in Criminal law.
Jeff Sessions = No below guideline pleas.
No plea agreements with minor role.
Every indictment must contain full amount of drugs defendant ever thought about selling in his/her life time, whether part of the case or not.
No more pardons or clemency, especially where people are innocent.

Howz that for some topics?

Anonymous said...

Reasonable is a relative term, so when I think of

Tom Scott
Lehtinen . . .

yeah, Willy is reasonable

Anonymous said...

Rumpole: you left out mandatory 21 USC 851 enhancements in all applicable cases