Monday, January 30, 2017

News and Notes

1.  Trump to pick SCOTUS nominee tomorrow.  The NY Times has this preview on how the nominee could affect upcoming cases. 

2.  The Ft. Lauderdale shooter was arraigned today.  The PD's office assigned veterans Hector Dopico and Eric Cohen to the case.  More from the Sun-Sentinel here.

3.  This dude found some cocaine in the ocean.  Now's he's in trouble:

But it was an object lesson in what not to do. In December, Mark “The Shark” Quartiano, a celebrity Miami fisherman, found a kilogram brick of cocaine. He promptly alerted the authorities.
Breeding did not. He instead handed over the 45-pound haul to four other people, on the condition they would sell the cocaine and pay a cut to Breeding. All five were caught in the summer — Breeding, a felon, had a firearm in his car when he was arrested — and faced conspiracy charges for the distribution of a controlled substance. Breeding pleaded guilty Wednesday, the News Herald reported, as did the other members of the network; they are awaiting a Feb. 16 sentencing. Breeding may be punished with up to life imprisonment and a fine in the millions of dollars.
In his letter, the fisherman asked that those who find the white lobster not follow his path. “I would like to let the public know the dangers and what not to do if this situation comes about,” Breeding wrote. “This changed my life and way of thinking and also made me aware of some of the dangers that can be found off shore in the Gulf.”

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