Thursday, March 17, 2016

Go Dore Go!

Dore Louis, along with his trusty trial partner Ricardo Martinez-Cid, scored a JOA yesterday before Judge Graham in a CJA "mere presence" case.  Interestingly, the judge granted the judgment of acquittal after the government closing (but before Dore closed).  Kudos to Judge Graham for continuing to call it like he sees it and not just letting cases go to the jury when they shouldn't be brought in the first place.


Fake Alex Michaels said...

Be careful. Vehn you vin a lot dey send hit squads to get you disbarred.

Anonymous said...

Dore is The Bomb.

A True Gentleman and a damn fine trial lawyer.

Apples don't fall far from trees.

You have to hope that Miami always produces trial lawyers like Dore, people we want to know and about whom we can be proud, for Infinity.