Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Do as I say, not as I do

That's the motto of the DOJ.  From TechDirt, DOJ Says Body Camera-Wearing Cops Aren't Allowed To Partner Up With Federal Agencies: "As we've covered before, the DOJ supports the idea of body cameras for local law enforcement agencies. It has set aside over $20 million a year in funding to help these agencies out. But it has no love for body cameras within its own agencies. There are no body cam requirements in place for FBI, DEA, ATF or the US Marshals Service.  In fact, if you're a member of a law enforcement agency which does have mandated body cams, you're no longer welcome to play in the big boys."

Other notes:

-- Do you like being the "law guy" in trial?  The NY Times covers these law guys:
As the public corruption trial of State Assemblyman Sheldon Silver heads to closing arguments on Monday, the clash in the courtroom has been handled largely by well-staffed government and defense legal teams, each with a wealth of experience in handling corruption cases.
But on Thursday, two unfamiliar lawyers took the stage to try to shape the instructions that the judge will give to the jury before deliberations.
In a case in which no witness testified directly to knowledge of an illegal quid pro quo, how Judge Valerie E. Caproni tells jurors to interpret the evidence as it relates to the law could sway deliberations — a fact certainly not lost on the government or the defense.
The two lawyers had largely disappeared during Mr. Silver’s three-week trial in Federal District Court in Manhattan; James M. McDonald sat quietly at the end of the prosecution table, while Robert K. Kry, a defense lawyer, did not even show up in court.
But it was clear late on Thursday, with the parties and the judge seated around a conference table and the jury not present, that Mr. McDonald and Mr. Kry had critical roles as legal specialists in the case — “the law guys,” as several experts put it — a role the public rarely hears about.
-- Oh, and the Marlins suck.


Anonymous said...

Luria and Sampson are petty little men. They got rid of Tommy because he was not afraid to say that the emperor had no clothes (or that the Marlins ownership and management are idiots). They are going to get rid of Jose, Stanton and anybody worth a darn. Mattingly will not last a season and join the corps of former managers still getting paid by the Marlins.

Anonymous said...

I guess if I couldn't actually try a case, I'd be the law guy/girl.