Friday, October 24, 2014

11th Circuit "emergency" over

On October 17, the 11th Circuit, per Chief Judge Carnes, issued an order putting an end to the emergency order that allowed cases to be decided by panels with only one active 11th Circuit judge.  Now we are back to at least 2 11th Circuit judges per panel.

Aly Palmer of the Daily Report has this story:
With his court back to nearly full strength, the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has announced the end of a court emergency.
In December, Chief Judge Edward Carnes declared an emergency, saying that cases could be decided by three-judge panels composed of only one of the court's judges plus two visiting judges. At the time, four of the court's 12 slots were vacant.
Since then, three vacancies have been filled. Most recently, Judge Jill Pryor of Atlanta started work two weeks ago. On Friday, Carnes signed a new order declaring the emergency over.
Friday's order suggested that the public will continue to see decisions from panels that include only one member of the court. Carnes explained that panels composed of fewer than two Eleventh Circuit judges that have had any appeals either orally argued or submitted to them for decision before Friday remain authorized to decide the cases.
Federal law says that when federal appeals courts decide cases by three-judge panels, at least two of the judges must be members of that particular appeals court. An exception includes the chief judge's ability to certify an "emergency."
Meantime, the big federal bar shindig tonight is at the JW Marriott.  Who is in?


Bob Becerra said...

I am in.

Anonymous said...

Now, what about Sr. Judge Goldberg from the Court of International Trade in New York City? Is he still going to be spending some of the cold winter months down in warm, sunny South Florida courtesy of the taxpayers? Or is the new Chief Judge putting an end to that questionable practice? With 3 new District Judges, the need, if it ever existed, probably no longer does, right?

Anonymous said...

I was walking by the old courthouse today and I thought to myself - thank goodness I'll never have to see that mural again.

Anonymous said...

2:49PM. I thought I was the only one! It is offensive. Will that mural be mothballed? I hope so.

Rumpole said...

Leave Golberg be. He was ok.