Thursday, June 05, 2014

Go Heat & other SDFLA News & Notes

1.  Lewis Tein and Paul Calli are dominating the proceedings before Judge Cooke.  The latest victory -- disqualification of the Tribe's lawyer -- is reported in the DBR:

She said Cortiñas as Lehtinen's former law partner would be familiar with all of the small firm's business with the tribe and agreed with Lehtinen that it amounted to an "unfair informational advantage."She said this perceived conflict was reason enough to disqualify Cortiñas. "How does it look for those on the outside who are not lawyers?" Cooke asked. "How do we police ourselves?"Cooke ruled Cortiñas did not violate ethics rules by representing the tribe after hearing similar issues while an appellate judge. Though she added his appearance "disturbs me."As a result, she ruled the Gunster firm was not disqualified from representing the tribe or its attorneys at the evidentiary hearing on sanctions.Cortiñas told Cooke before his disqualification that the tribe's former attorneys were afraid of his legal prowess. "The reason they really don't want me here is I know fraud cases very well," Cortiñas said.Cooke said the comment somewhat indicated the tribe may have had incompetent counsel in Roman and his associates.

2.  Check out this order from the 11th. The defendant's lawyer challenged (on rehearing) the fact that the panel had two visiting district judges.  The same panel consisting of only one active 11th Circuit judge said no problem.  Well, the court is getting Judge Rosenbaum now.  I wonder if the order allowing two visiting judges still applies.

3.  Meantime, Judge Rosenbaum's elevation has caused an emergency on the district court....


Anonymous said...

Wow!! 26 Judicial Emergencies and FOUR are from the S.D Fla. That is more than any other CIRCUIT let alone district. Two more from M.D. Fla.?
Way to go Sen. Rubio! Stall, drag your feet, brouse for office space in Manchester and Des Moines. Do anythiung except your job!

Rumpole said...

Go Heat? HA.
A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.

Anonymous said...

Time for the judges and their clerks to work harder, be more efficient, and show up on time.

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

rush to judgment makes for shitier results. thank god for DNA

MC Waste Services, Inc said...,0,7170958.story

Officer Ho? present.

who is worse, officer ho or the supervisors who were unwilling to properly document all of his past foibles?

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

All american girl dooley playing the ethnicity politics card. que bueno, que Glorioso!