Friday, March 08, 2013

Friday afternoon notes

1.  Maria Elena Perez of Nevin Shapiro infamy is in trouble with the Southern District of Florida.  Judge Moreno issued this order referring her to the disciplinary committee based on the NCAA investigation and her prior conduct. 

2.  Curt Anderson interviewed the FBI undercover informant in the Khan case.

3.  The Dyer building is still empty, but Miami Dade College wants to take it over.  From John Pacenti's article:

The Dyer building was left vacant due to health concerns after the Wilkie D. Ferguson Courthouse opened.
Chief U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno welcomes the idea of the college acquisition.
"Miami Dade College could make repairs for a fraction of the cost of the GSA," Moreno said. "They've done a magnificent job with the Freedom Tower."
The slim tower is a Miami landmark that the college took over in 2005. It was the home of the defunct Miami News and was used by the federal government to process refugees fleeing Fidel Castro's communist Cuba.
Moreno said Padron intends to preserve the historic nature of the courthouse but noted some security changes would be needed. Tunnels link the Dyer courthouse to the Federal Detention Center across the street, and access would need to be sealed. The courthouse also connects to other buildings in the federal complex.


Rumpole said...

Anybody know what she did in the prior trial to get her double secret probation to begin with?

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

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Anonymous said...

Yep. Happy to answer your inquiry, Rumpole. She was operating a lawyer blog and she made some nasty comments about judges. She called the Chief Judge of the 11th Circuit "Pharaoh." She had the courage to put her name on the blog. Did you hear something different? Jack Thompson