Monday, March 19, 2012

Don't eat the Snickers!

I found this open letter to Blago, giving him advice regarding federal prison, pretty interesting.  Although Jeff Smith (a former state Senator from Missouri) only did a year and Blagojevich has 14, there are still some good nuggets:

1. As your grandma probably taught you, God gave you two ears, two eyes and one mouth — use them in proportion.

• When you get to prison, listen, watch and learn. You'll have a hundred questions on your first day and in one month you will know the answer to 90 of them without having to ask and risk looking stupid.

•Don't ever ask anybody about their crime. If they want to tell you what they did, fine. But you won't know if they're telling the truth. And if you ask and strike a nerve with someone, the result may not be pretty.

•Don't talk about how you got railroaded. So did everyone else.

•Don't ask anything about anyone's family; it will be a sore subject with many, especially those who have not seen or heard from their children or ex-wives in years.

•Don't ever talk about how much time you have. Someone else has more.

12 Don't eat the Snickers.
• You'll go through orientation. You will be shown a mandatory sexual assault prevention video featuring a guy warning you not to eat the Snickers bar that may be waiting for you on your bed in your cell. (The actor ate the one left under his pillow, unwittingly signaling the predator who left it for him that he was ready and willing.) All the guys watching the video will laugh. But take the video's message to heart: Don't accept sweets from anyone.


Anonymous said...

While amusing, it is a terrible comment on our justice system. I wonder how much sleep the judges lose at night thinking about the fact that they are sending people (under the auspices of "rehabilitation") to a facility where they are likely to be RAPED or at least suffer an attempt.

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Unknown said...

First of all: where the hell would someone get a snickers bar from in prison?

Unknown said...

Commissary duh

Savage21 said...

This idiot really asked this question

Savage21 said...

Lmao 😂