Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ch-ch-ch Changes

Lots of change going on over at the U.S. Attorney's office. Multiple sources have told me that:

Ben Greenberg is now the 1st Assistant U.S. Attorney
Ed Stamm is Chief of Criminal
Ed Nucci has the new position of "Managing Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern Offices"
Marcus Christian is the "Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney" in charge of hiring and recruiting
George Karavestos is the Chief of Narcotics
Joan Silverstein is the Chief of Economic and Environmental crimes
Bob Senior is the Chief of Public Integrity

Congrats to all.


Anonymous said...

these changes were made ages ago.

Anonymous said...

Ben = Great Pick
Ed = Who?
Ed = Chief of rock breaking in Siberia
Marcus = Great Vest
George = You can call me K
Bob = Huh?

Anonymous said...

Does this mean the next time I want manatee steak with porpoise on top, I won't have to worry about that Crazy-haired-crazy-guy indicting me?