Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lots of shredding

The first Allen Stanford trial is underway. From the South Florida Business Journal:

Jury selection is under way this morning in the case against two South Florida men charged with shredding evidence in the case of R. Allen Stanford.
Former Stanford security personnel Bruce Perraud and Thomas Raffanello are the first to go to trial in Miami federal court in what federal prosecutors have alleged is a $7 billion Ponzi scheme led by Stanford and run through his Antigua-based bank.
Perraud, a global security specialist in the Fort Lauderdale office of Houston-based Stanford Financial Group, allegedly oversaw the shredding of documents at a warehouse facility last February. He was
indicted in June.
Raffanello, who once led the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Miami office, worked as a security director for Stanford and is the husband of well-known defense attorney Susan Raffanello, of the Coffey Burlington law firm in Miami.

Interestingly, the case is being tried before visiting judge Richard Goldberg, who told jurors that the trial would last about two weeks.

The first witness testified today that in February 2009, there was more shredding than in any other month. Here's the AP on the first witness.


Anonymous said...

F'ing cops...I wonder if the DEA is proud

Rumpole said...

I've tried a 148 jury trials. I've never seen a Ms. Raffanelo in court. I guess she doesn't get out to Hialeah Branch court much.

Anonymous said...

Too bad he wasn't still with the dea, then they would have given him an award for instituting and efficient document "control" system.

the trialmaster said...

I have tried over 500 jury trials. Never heard of saw the "well known" defenseattorney before. coffy has never tried a jury trial either, however he has a great bite.

Lisa looking for data protections said...

That's really interesting with February being more shredding. Thanks for sharing.