Friday, April 17, 2009

Helio Castroneves found not guilty

All three defendants found not guilty. The jury hung on one count as to Helio... I can't imagine that they would retry it. Congrats to him and his defense team.


Commodore said...

Awsome! Wonder if acosta will be watching the race on sunday!?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Helio Castronevas is to Speed Racer as Acosta is to:

a) Racer X
b) Chim-Chim
c) Pops Racer
d) Trixie
e) Spritle

Anonymous said...

Helio takes Seventh!!! Not bad for not being in a car for months.

That would make him Speed Racer...Markus is Racer X...

Elmondohummus said...

I know this question may necessitate too detailed a response for easy answering. But I want to put it out there anyway because I genuinely don't know the answer:

In the counts Castroneves was aquitted on, was the jury saying that the government did not have enough of a case to prove what he did? Or were they saying that what he did was in fact not an illegal method of "sheltering" money? I know that's a picky distinction, but I'm honestly curious about it.


As a humerous side note - Word Verification humor: It's asking me to enter "carshi". Cars... and Helio races them. :D