Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday news and notes

Ahhhh, Monday morning after a holiday weekend. So much fun. Here's what's happening:

1. Pharmed sentencing today. (via Sun-Sentinel & Herald) Here are the letters in support of leniency, the government's sentencing memo, and the defense sentencing memo. Quick summary: government says the guidelines are appropriate; defense says they are too high.

2. The Chief Justice released his year end report. Quick summary: judges need more money.

3. More on Ben Kuehne. (via DBR). Quick summary: the case against him sucks.

4. Medicare fugitives. (via Herald). Quick summary: every now and then, people flee as they did in this case.


Marie Antoinette said...

Judicial Pay Raises:

Qu'on mange le gateau. Translation: Let them eat cake.

Fake Don Shula said...

Quick summary on Dolphins: no more than 6 wins next year.

Fake SD Fla Traning Atty said...

Quick summary on Brady:

Here's the story of a lovely lady
Who was bringing up three very lovely girls
All of them had hair of gold, like their mother
The youngest one in curls...

colombian-princess-fans said...

Agreed. The case against Ben sucks big time.

Ed Williams said...

The case against Ben K "sucks"? Is that a Harvard term for "without substantive merit?" I never heard it when I was there.

Anonymous said...

come on markus take off your rah rah defense attorney hat for once and look at it objectively. The flight of these Medicare thieves far exceeds the flight in other cases and this is a serious problem. come on admit it, besides none of these small fry owners have enough money to hire a big macher like you

Anonymous said...

Ed Williams, you suck. And that, is a term I learned at my good ole second tier lawschool. It usually was used as a verb, like this: 'I kenw this guy in college named ed Williams who sucked up to the professors so much he was branded a brownnoser and never got laid, but did get into a fancy school.'

Ed Williams said...

Please get ALL of the facts correct. I dispute the "laid" part. My notches include one US Atty, a dozen or so AUSAs, a magistrate, and two USDC judges, in two different districts. One actually in the courthouse elevator. That is the genesis for an episode of the TV show Boston Legal. Oops, a couple of you might figure out my identity now.

Denny Crane said...

I'm suing.

Denny Crane

Anonymous said...

Seems like that is all post college Ed. But, I like your style.

By the way, I did figure out who you are....the Eunuch who was placed with the Sultan's wives.

Ed Williams said...

Actually, one AUSA was during college. I babysat for her and she was short of money to pay me. She became a USDC judge and we hooked up later when she was on the bench. I think that is called a twofer.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you are not such an asshole after all.

Ed, since you were a prosecutor, how bout predictions on:

(1) Liberty City Seven (Six)
(2) Ben
(3) Joe Cool
(4) Next US Atty

Ed said...

(1) Liberty City Seven (Six)

Third time's a charm -- for G, but then R 29 after partial guiltys. G wins on appeal.

(2) Ben

Rooting for him, but his win if it can be had may lie in empty chair(s), if other defendants are not in court. (Have they appeared ever?)

(3) Joe Cool

G all the way

(4) Next US Atty

Someone from out of town noboby knows or Jeff Sloman is the correct move, but I think a former AUSA in his 50's may get it and those in the know will then be truly pissed since he/she is not qualified and not that well respected. USMJ John O'Sullivan would also be a good choice if he is interested.