Monday, January 08, 2007

"Two defense lawyers can keep fees Feds claimed were tainted"

That's the headline in today's Justice Watch from Julie Kay.

"Miami attorneys Ed Shohat and Bruce Lehr got their best holiday present from federal prosecutors. The government decided to let them keep $757,000 in legal fees from their clients, convicted businessmen Eduardo and Hector Orlansky, which the government had previously argued were tainted. The deal, which was approved by the Department of Justice last week, also gives the government a gift. The Orlansky brothers agreed to forfeit to the government another $750,000 from the sale of a luxury Manhattan condominium. *** Negotiations between Shohat and Lehr and federal prosecutors went on for several months. The consent order approving the deal was signed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Menchel and Shohat Dec. 28 and by the Orlanskys Dec. 29."

Now the fight turns to the oppressive guideline ranges:

"Meanwhile, Lehr has filed papers seeking a downward departure in sentencing for Hector Orlansky, based on, among other things, his client’s health. Orlansky, 61, has had cancer in his shoulders, colon and vocal chords; suffers from an inner ear disorder called Meniere’s disease; has high blood pressure and cholesterol; and suffers from depression and anxiety. In addition, Lehr argued, Hector Orlansky should get a lesser sentence because he had no criminal history prior to the fraud charges and was “well-respected in the fields of banking and finance.” If the pretrial probation office investigation is adopted by the court, Orlansky would spend a minimum of 151 to 188 months in prison, which would probably amount to the rest of his life. Shohat said he will file a downward departure request for Eduardo Orlansky soon. Judge Jordan has not set a sentencing date. Denied bond requests, the brothers are being held at Miami’s Federal Detention Center."

disclosure -- I'm quoted in the article.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody know if the same attorneys who were to recieve the fee, were also negotiating the handover of the NY apartment? If so, does anybody know if the NY apartment was purchased with tainted money?

Anonymous said...

Why remind anyone that you are quoted in the article; is it the product of your need to remind anyone that will listen of how wondrous you are or is there some other reason to highlight that fact? This is your blog, silly.... Stop doing that (self promoting) it should be beneath you, but then who knows--maybe it isn't and all the rumors about you being a self-promoting weasel are true? I hope not, cause your blog is quite informative and I hear tell you’re not a half bad lawyer.