Friday, June 23, 2006

Lawyers for the terror suspects...

Larry Lebowitz of the Miami Herald will be reporting that the lawyers for terror suspects are:

Tony Natale* (Federal Public Defender) for Narseal Batiste (the supposed leader)
Albert Levin for Patrick Abraham
Nathan Clark for Rotschild Augustine
Richard Houlihan for Naudimar Herrera
Gregory Prebish for Burson Augustin

At the hearing, the U.S. Attorney's office objected to the Federal Defender's appointment saying that the office was already representing a witness. Magistrate Judge Patrick White took the parties sidebar and explained that for now the PD's office would be appointed and if a conflict was later proven, both sides could deal with it. The other lawyers on the case are all appointed from the criminal justice act panel.

*Natale is part of the Padilla team. By mentioning Padilla, I've now done what I was complaining about earlier...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the informant is working off a federal beef and is represented by the PD. This case smells to high hell. Of course, the transcripts will be a real insight on the validity of this case but I'm betting it's going to raise some eyebrows once it get's out. Meanwhile, regardless of the tapes, chances are these guys are toast notwithstanding they have some good lawyers.