Monday, April 17, 2006


Hi Federal Court blog readers. Rumpole here. I am sorry to always be the harbinger of sad news (and I promise that I have a humorous Federal Court post on the way) but I am sad to report that State Court Administrative Judge for the Civil Division Judge Linda Dakis suffered a serious stroke over the weekend and is in intensive care at Baptist Hospital. The outlook is not good.
I know that many members of the Federal Judiciary and Federal Court practitioners know and respect Judge Dakis and I thought this is an appropriate way to let everyone know about her illness.


Anonymous said...

Judge Dakis is a lovely person, a lady and a very professional judge.

She is my neighbor, gave no hazzle, a good woman and she needs prayers, no matter what your creed is.

She is an only child, born of parents, who in turn were only children. Worked nonetheless, as is she had ten kids of her own, but none were born to her.

She never married, but had love from men who did her emotional harm.

Her job was tough. Weeding between truth and lies, is no easy task, very unpopular job, when domestic violence was perceived, as just an waiste of judicial time.

Through her insight, many humans, adult and minors are alive.

She was not pretencious, on the contrary, a very easy going personality. Wonderful icon to make friends and strangers to feel at ease.

I do not believe she gave herself a time to heal, two weeks are not enough. Nonetheless, two of her closest friends, have directives and the hold the final call.

If she does not make it, she made an impression on me no matter what. The regular neighbor, who does not go swimming, bicycling, tennis, golfing, tennis, quiet, unruffled, what ever ruffled her up, was never heard.

To be true, I wish that there were more member of the judiciary, members of the bar ands neighbors at the TIDEMARK, Key Colony, Key Biscayne, Fl., who could be as clean cut, unabrasive, affable, easy going, achiever, and never assumed anything but a soul going to heaven and a courpse to the cementery.

God, may have energy to decide what will happen to her.

I will miss her genere. Proper and esquisite.


Anonymous said...

The people that use this blog site should learn how to spell. And, she was married at one time, Dakis was not her maiden name.