Monday, February 13, 2006

New federal courthouse

I'm in Savannah, but found a computer and ran across this DBR article about the new federal courthouse. Here's an excerpt:

The heavily fortified and architecturally unique Wilkie D. Ferguson Federal Courthouse in Miami is scheduled to open this fall, more than a year behind schedule. Completion of the $163 million courthouse — in the works for 15 years — was slowed by change orders, contractor delays and hurricanes, according to U.S. District Judge K. Michael Moore, who has overseen the project. But the biggest reason for the setback, Moore said, is that dozens of louvers controlling air intake and exhaust had to be removed and replaced due to water infiltration from Hurricane Wilma. The issue of who bears financial responsibility for the mistake — architects Arquitectonica and HOK or contractors Dick Corp. of Pittsburgh and EllisDon Construction of Canada — is in dispute. “We have to concentrate on fixing it now and then figure out who was responsible,” Moore said.

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