Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Judge Hanzman goes old school

Back in the day during the hot summer months in Miami state court, suits were optional.  And most judges shut down entirely in August.  We haven't gone back that far yet, but Judge Hanzman did issue this order, letting lawyers know that they could go business casual during the claims process of the Champlain Towers case (hat tip Rumpole).  Thoughts?


Order 7-21-2025 (1) by Anonymous PbHV4H


Anonymous said...

Don’t love it. Some victims will feel it is disrespectful. Why this case? None of the victims would be hurt if the lawyers had to suit up. And we have AC. I don’t get why this is even an issue.

Anonymous said...


Why would anyone feel disrespected that someone is not wearing a suit during a heat wave? I agree with you. I don't get why this is an issue, including how you raised it.

Anonymous said...

This was more for the families, many of whom have to travel to Miami. The lawyers were a throw in. I think the Judge did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Because suits rightly or wrongly are seen as a sign of professionalism and respect, particularly by lay people (families and friends). So why not maintain that visage rather than having to explain it. But hey, you want to be the guy in flip flops and a wife beater when you go to court, have at it.

Anonymous said...

Xander Cage, Esq.

No case too radical.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think strong opinions on this issue either way is a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Here is actually a convincing argument: