Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Breaking— Congressional JNC recommends 6 names for two open judicial seats (UPDATED WITH U.S. ATTORNEY FINALISTS AND MARSHAL)

 I’m being told from multiple sources that the finalists for the two open district judge seats are:

Michael Caruso

Miguel de la O

Samantha Feuer

Ayana Harris

Shaniek Maynard

Detra Shaw Wilder

*These have been confirmed.  Congrats to the finalists.

UPDATED -- The finalists for Marshal are:

Amos Rojas and Gadyaces Serralta

The finalists for U.S. Attorney are:

Jackie Arango

Michael Hantman

Markenzy Lapointe


Anonymous said...

It really shows there is no democratic party in Florida. The USM finalists are republicans who rub elbows with republican power brokers. Both are good people but its funny how democrats nominate republicans but republicans never nominate democrats.
Moral of the story. If you don't run in Rubio circles, you don't have a chance. It really shows the weakness of democrats who have final say yet have no interest in promoting candidates.

Robert Kuntz said...

Some fine recommendations who would do credit to those offices.

But what does "congressional JNC" even mean?

I understand why DWS and Team D in general thought this would be a great idea. Often enough power belongs to whomever is willing simply to take power. And with one-party control nationally, of course Team D is interested in establishing complete hegemony -- which cannot abide a place like Florida, where a Senatorial prerogative or process is in the hands of the hated opposition.

But longstanding procedures (yes, some of which are merely traditional) have governed this process. The heady dopamine rush Team D may now be enjoying is likely to feel more like a hangover if (when?) Team R ever reasserts similar power, then chooses to engage in the same tactics. (Ask Harry Reid about the "nuclear option" sometime.) Maybe Team D can add four Justices and two states and ensure that no Team R President ever again sits behind the Resolute Desk or faces an opposing party Senate. But maybe they cannot.

In any case, that's for later. For now there's real damage being done. Forcing the applicants for these crucial positions to chose between "going to Rome or to Avignon," to wonder if selection by one means rejection by another, spawning confusion and dragging out the process -- all this imposes a tremendous burden on the applicants and is a real disservice to them and the District.

Anonymous said...

Very well said Mr. Kuntz.

Anonymous said...

Team R places Team R above everything else including democracy, the US of A and the US Const.

Anonymous said...

Republicans understand power even when they are out of power to appoint federal officers. Democrats act as if they did not win the White House. There is not ground support for any nominations. They also don't remember the obstruction when Obama nominated judges and they were never given a hearing. Seriously. Hang it up democrats. Please do not waste anyone's time in pretending to run for Florida offices in 2022. When you roll over and play dead when you control the game, then everything else is a lost cause.

Jefferson Knight said...

I don't know Mr. Kuntz, but I find his comment to be thoughtful and excellent and accurate. And ya gotta love the Avignon vs. Rome analogy! There is no actual "Congressional JNC." It's a fiction, because the House plays zero role in the confirmation process. Even the Florida Bar was belatedly forced to recognize this Constitutional reality. "The Judicial Nominating Commission of the 115th Congress expired upon adjournment. The rules and procedures established by Florida’s Senators of the 115th Congress are no longer applicable and expired upon the adjournment of that Congress as well. Any inquiries pertaining the JNC of the 115th Congress should be directed to the United States Senate."