Thursday, February 28, 2019

Return of Judge Jordan...

... to the District Court.

There's been a bunch of Judge Alaberto Jordan (CA11) sightings in the District Court over the past week, filling in for Judge Martinez. We wish Judge Martinez well and hope that he is okay.

We are also hoping that Judge Jordan continues to make appearances in the district court when judges are out for whatever reason. He has been missed as a trial and sentencing judge.

Here's a sentencing that Judge Jordan conducted yesterday:
Alexander Ros Lazo (Ros Lazo), 54, the owner of T.L.C. Health Services of Miami, was sentenced to serve 87 months in prison. Misleady Ibarra, 46, who performed home health therapy services without a license, was sentenced to serve 24 months in prison. The defendants were sentenced by U.S. Circuit Judge Adalberto Jordan sitting in the Southern District of Florida. Judge Jordan also ordered Ros Lazo to pay $8,603,859 in restitution and to forfeit the same amount, and Ibarra to pay restitution in an amount to be determined. Ibarra and Ros Lazo pleaded guilty in December 2018 to one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud. Both defendants were charged in an indictment returned on June 21, 2018.


Anonymous said...

This is a good thing all around.

Rumpole said...

He was a great trial judge and like Judge Alan Schwartz from the 3rd DCA he pitches in where needed. This is a very good thing.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Judge Martinez?