Friday, August 18, 2017

Congratulations to Judge Robert Scola for being named to the Defender Services Committee.

Congratulations to Judge Robert Scola for being named to the Defender Services Committee.

Defender Services Committee
Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. appointed the following new members to the Defender Services Committee.  Their terms begin October 1, 2017.

New Members:
Hon. Micaela Alvarez (5th Circuit representative - TX-S)
Hon. Judith Ellen Levy (6th Circuit representative - MI-E)
Hon. Robert N. Scola, Jr. (11th Circuit representative - FL-S)
Hon. Ketanji Brown Jackson (DC Circuit representative - DC)
There is another Miami connection to the committee -- Judge Brown Jackson is a Miami native and went to Palmetto High.


Anonymous said...

What does it do?

Anonymous said...

To oversee the provision of legal representation to defendants in criminal cases who cannot afford an adequate defense.

Provide general policy guidance in interpretation and application of the Criminal Justice Act and related statutes, including approving non-controversial revisions to the Guidelines for the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act and Related Statutes, recommending approval to the Judicial Conference for other amendments to these
guidelines, and reviewing and modifying forms used by the courts in administering the Act and related statutes.

Review and make recommendations to the Committee on Judicial Resources on policy concerning compensation and staffing for federal public and community defender organizations.

Review budget and grant requests (including staffing) of federal public and community defender organizations, and approve appropriate amounts, subject to applicable Conference-approved formulae, policies, or standards.

Review the Administrative Office's fiscal reports concerning appointments and payments under the Criminal Justice Act.

Monitor, analyze, and propose for Judicial Conference consideration legislation affecting the appointment and compensation of counsel and, where appropriate, make recommendations to other Judicial Conference committees and to the Judicial Conference regarding issues which impact upon the defender services program.

Ensure, to the extent possible, adequate and appropriate substantive training of all persons providing representational services under the Criminal Justice Act.

Monitor the expenditure of Criminal Justice Act funds, advise the Judicial Conference (or other Conference committees, as appropriate) of developments in the defender services program which require additional resources, and, when the budget is being
formulated, propose adequate funding and resources to support the defender services program taking into account the overall fiscal situation of the judiciary

Anonymous said...

Saw the 11th just upheld his sentence in Mathurin. Sick.