Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Judge Rosenbaum starts her opinion with a GoT quote

Judge Rosenbaum starts her opinion with a Game of Thrones quote.  And it's Tyrion Lannister, Hand of Daenerys Targaryen.  Looks like she was watching the premier with the rest of us on Sunday night.  Here's the intro:
“A wise man once said a true history of the world is a history of great conversations in elegant rooms.”1 Whether or not that may be accurate, a true history of the United States would be incomplete without a history of great political conversations, wherever they might have occurred. And great political conversations could not exist in the absence of the First Amendment. So the First Amendment generally prohibits government retaliation against a person for exercising his rights to free speech and association, including supporting the political party and candidates of his choice.
1. Tyrion Lannister, speaking of himself. “Oathbreaker,” Game of Thrones (2016), as quoted by (last visited June 20, 2017).

Judge Jordan concurs.  Instead of recent pop culture, he cites Shakespeare:

If a jury were to find that Chief Gomez did not have the City Manager’s blessing, then maybe everything that took place after the delivery of the letter to Mr. Rodriguez was just “sound and fury, [s]ignifying nothing.” William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of McBeth, Act V, scene 5 (1606).

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