Monday, February 06, 2017

The Falcons won the popular vote.

And other funny memes:

Lots of funny ones zooming around the internet. Meantime, Jason Pierre-Paul settled with ESPN in his suit about the disclosure of his medical records. The case was before Judge Cooke. From the AP:

 New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul and ESPN have settled a lawsuit over the network's disclosure of his medical records from a 2015 fireworks accident.

ESPN announced the settlement on Friday, saying it believes that the network's reporting about the injury was newsworthy and journalistically appropriate.

Giants spokesman Pat Hanlon declined comment.

The network said despite their different points of view, the parties agreed to resolve their dispute amicably.

The case was set for trial in August after a Miami federal judge rejected ESPN's motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

Pierre-Paul was hospitalized in Miami after the July Fourth accident, which caused serious injuries to his right hand. The lawsuit claimed ESPN and a network reporter violated his privacy and Florida medical confidentiality laws by posting the records on social media.

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Can't we just leave Hillary alone. Why not talk about what POTUS said about the US and Russia.