Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bed Bug Massacre!

Yes, Trump is making news for firing the AG and for his impending SCOTUS pick.  But did you see that he settled the beg-bug lawsuit in Doral:
White smoke over President Donald Trump’s Trump National Doral Miami golf resort! The scandal of the luxury resort’s bed bugs is about to go away.
In a bit of good news for the new president, court records show his attorneys in Miami have reached a tentative settlement with a business traveler who sued the resort after his back, face and arms were devoured by voracious bed bugs at the revamped resort.
In a terse one-page report just slipped into the court file, court-appointed mediator Frank Allocca filed a notice that reads “an agreement was reached.” There were no details on what will likely be a confidential deal.

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Anonymous said...

Sleep tight, America. Don't let the . . .
crazed dictator-in-chief take away your rights in the middle of the night!!!