Friday, September 23, 2016

Justice Federico Moreno?

Former Chief Judge of the SDFLA, Federico Moreno, has made Donald Trump's short-list for Supreme Court Justices.  I love it.  Judge Moreno, who has been a district judge since 1990, would make a fantastic Justice.  He's smart, witty, engaging, and an all around good guy. 

He would be the first Supreme Court Justice to be a:

  • Floridian
  • Venezuelan
  • former practicing criminal defense lawyer
  • former assistant federal defender
  • UM law grad
He's also been a state court judge and a practicing lawyer.  He currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Courts. 

 Other notables on the list include Charles Canady, a current Florida Supreme Court Justice.


Anonymous said...

Judge Moreno would be a totally terrific and fantastic choice. He's a winner, not a choker. Unlike HRC's picks who would be lightweights, loser and disasters, he would be a amazingly strong pick. Believe me.

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the trialmaster said...

I have known Fred since he was a defense lawyer in the pits. Although I have the highest respect for him as a person and a judge, this is a very lame attempt by trump's people to attempt to have the Hispanics vote in the election. Any reasonable person should see through this BS. Who in our history has put out names of potential judges before he is even in office. Trump will cause havoc and wreck our economy and country if he is elected. It is hard for me to believe how many dumb people there are in this country, let alone in this state.

Anonymous said...

He is too old. And any Latino who wouldn't spit on Trump's face on the suggestion that he might be Trump's guy needs to take a hard look in the mirror.