Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Evidentiary hearing today in Spy-gate (Updated)

UPDATE -- so the courtroom was packed this afternoon.  Every seat was taken.  (When that happens, shouldn't the security people move the interns/clerks to the jury box to make more room for the public.)  It was mostly prosecutors and interns/clerks in the audience.  

Only one witness was called today, Rossana Arteaga-Gomez, the lawyer for Mr. Schapiro who was in the warehouse with the documents.  After about 2 hours, the rest of the testimony was taken in camera without the line prosecutor so he wouldn't learn any of the work-product material that the agent is alleged to have learned from the copies provided to her.  

Hearing continued till Monday.  Not much to report on today.

I've gotten some push back from my prosecution friends for calling it Spy-gate (the Patriots probably didn't like it either).  What about Copy-gate instead?

Original Post:

We need a better name for the case (U.S. v. Schapiro)...

Background here on the defense's claims that the government has been spying on its work product for the past 10 years.  Judge Cooke will hear evidence this afternoon

In the meantime, the defense filed its reply last night.


Anonymous said...

great pleading

Anonymous said...

Cheat-gate, steal-gate, fraud-gate, Win at anycost-gate,you messed up and trusted us-gate, 11th will bail us out-gate

Anonymous said...

copy-gate is a much better name!

Scott J. Sternberg said...

great news.