Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The district bench is losing one of its stars

Judge John Gleeson is leaving the EDNY bench to go into private practice.  A huge bummer.  He was one of the best judges we had.  We wasn't afraid to rule against the government.  He wasn't afraid to do what was right.  And he wasn't afraid to write opinions explaining his reasoning.  We need more like him.

From the NY Law Journal:
Eastern District Judge John Gleeson is stepping down from the bench after more than 20 years to practice law.
In an email sent Monday to fellow judges, magistrate judges, bankruptcy judges and others, Gleeson wrote, "as difficult as it is to leave the work I love and the colleagues I love, this is the right decision for me and my family."
The email did not give specifics on his next move but said he would be leaving on March 9. The judge, through his chambers, declined to comment Monday.
As a judge, Gleeson has been vocal in his rulings about matters like sentencing law and judicial discretion.


the trialmaster said...

A huge loss with Judge Gleeson leaving the bench. I have been honored to have both civil and criminal cases before him. He is without a doubt the best judge I have ever had the pleasure to appear before. He does not wear his black robe when he hears motion in court. He does not tolerate fools and usually knows both sides arguments better than the attorneys. None of our federal or state judges could even carry his robes. He has no "black robe fever" and is extremely talented and will make a fortune in private practice. Our state judges are on the bench because they could not make a living in private practice and are lacking the necessary skills to try a case to a jury, with few exceptions such as Stan, Gill ,John T and maybe a few others.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a loss to the federal bench and the practicing lawyers in Judge Gleeson's home district. He is a great judge and a really good person. But then again he has served the public a long time. One cannot blame a guy for moving on to a new challenge and placing himself and family in a better financial position. Because he was both so conscientious and a highly regarded prosecutor, Judge Gleeson, I think, must have influenced other judges that to realize that they can both be serious minded and compassionate. And not always place so much weight on guideline ranges of imprisonment. To the future practicing lawyer John Gleeson the best of luck. You deserve it.

Henry Bell

Anonymous said...

@3.48 "Our state judges are on the bench because they could not make a living in private practice..."

Thank you for that inconvenient truth.

In my view the back story about Judge John Gleeson leaving the EDNY bench relates to his high personal integrity.

"[H]e wasn't afraid to rule against the government. He wasn't afraid to do what was right. And he wasn't afraid to write opinions explaining his reasoning."

In my opinion, Judge Gleeson is being forced off the bench by the US Department of Justice (for ruling against the government) and colleagues on the bench. (he wasn't afraid to write opinions...). From what I see, a number of district judges use law clerks to write opinions, which made other federal judges look bad next to Gleeson.

"He wasn't afraid to do what was right." - thank you Judge Gleeson.