Monday, October 26, 2015

Coaches matter (so do lawyers).

See, e.g., UM and the Dolphins.

Monday notes:

1.  Don't laugh during sentencing or your sentence can be doubled.

2.  Finally some relief for the crazy expensive prison calls.

3.  Judge Emmet Sullivan says give drug defendants a break (like corporations get).  Here's his opinion: "Drug conspiracy defendants are no less deserving of a second chance than bribery conspiracy defendants. And society is harmed at least as much by the devastating effect that felony convictions have on the lives of its citizens as it is by the effect of criminal convictions on corporations."

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Anonymous said...

Not a surprise. When I was an AUSA in this District, the Chief Judge doubled the defendant's sentence because he had laughed or otherwise expressed incredulity at the Government's witnesses whom he had defrauded, while they were testifying.