Friday, April 25, 2014

Whoa Whoa Whoa, stop the clock!

Some stuff for you to read during the Bench & Bar conference today:

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens says marijuana should be legal.

Justice Alito says the LSAT counts for too much

And Justice Scalia doesn't really get HBO.

Here's a picture of the breakfast with 700+ lawyers:


MC Waste Services, Inc said...,0,1417778.story

The Rothstein world of Broward county was really a third world kinda place. Sure, many, many people wish they could turn back the clock...but this isnt the point. The issue is this- if your ethics, your morality are susceptible to corruption you will always be seduced by the next Rothstein-like guy...the problem is within you, within me. Either you are an honorable person and in this way you never have to turn back the clock or you are not. Cops, lawyers, judges, politicians, judicial nominating committees, were all exposed as having penetrable ethics. Rothstein is not the culprit, he is the symptom of a deeper problem in the legal system.

Anonymous said...

You mean Scalia's cable provide does not offer HBO, he is too cheap to ante up for HBO or is he still trying to figure out who the Yellow King is?

Anonymous said...

Speaker must have been less than interesting since nearly everyone was looking down, reading emails. Cam don't lie.