Sunday, January 26, 2014

Are you a Belieber?

You should be in the CJA panel.  A bunch of favorable verdicts last week for them... A NG across the board for Al Levin in a felon in possession case.  A hung jury for Rick DoCobo, and a NG on the 7-year 924(c)s for Marty Feigenbaum.  

--UM Law Review is putting on a pretty cool program called Leading from Below on February 14-15. The two-day Symposium will examine the discretion and role of the Federal District Court Judge. The keynote speaker is the Honorable Jack B. Weinstein. One of our own, Judge Kathleen Williams, will also be speaking. And the price is right -- it's free and you'll get 9 CLE credits. Click here for more information and to register.

--If you were trying to file something or log onto PACER on Friday, it was a no go.  But it wasn't a cyber-attack as initially reported.  From the WSJ:

A shutdown of numerous federal court websites on Friday, initially attributed to a cyberattack, was actually the result of technical problems, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said.

The service disruption prevented some attorneys from filing documents electronically and others from reading court records.

At first, a spokeswoman for the federal court system said the shutdowns were the result of a denial of service attack—a kind of blunt force assault that overwhelms a website's ability to handle regular users by inundating the site with meaningless traffic. She said the incident "affected an unknown number of courts around the country," as well as the systems for reading and filing court documents.

Later Friday night, however, an FBI spokeswoman said the service interruption was because of technical problems in the federal court computer system and not a cyber attack.

--Finally, Judge Kozinski is the best.  He said this in an opinion concurring in part last week: "As best the record showed, Enmund was a schmo hired to drive the getaway car for a robbery gone wrong" 


Rumpole said...

Jack Weinstein is the dean of US District Court Judges. You should go to this event just to hear him speak.

Anonymous said...

Kozinski is brilliant and clever and he is happy tell that to everyone. Youtube Kozinski and dating show for a good laugh

Anonymous said...

Roy is going to take the video and GPS info that just surfaced and beat the miami beach police department to death with it.

I cannot wait for the suppression hearing.

The SAO should just announce a nolle prosse now and save the officers the public humiliation they will suffer - all broadcast publicly to millions of Belibers.

If the SAO doesn't KNP, they won't win another DRE or refusal case sans accident for another year because the whole world will assume that because the Miami Beach PD are a bunch of lying scumm, the rest of the departments must be as well.

I imagine the MDPD and City DUI guys are going to be calling the SAO and begging them to kick this piece of sh-- case.

Great stuff.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Come on, David. A rather misleading summary of the CJA attorney case results. The jury in Al Levin's case (13-20437-cr-RNS) found the defendant GUILTY of possession of a controlled substance (see DE 173). And in Marty Feigenbaum's case (13-cr-20823), the jury found the defendant guilty of conspiracy to commit bank robbery and of committing bank robbery. While it's fine to salute the CJA lawyers' accomplishments, the report should be complete and give an accurate picture of the actual results. (True that the jury did hang in Rick DoCobo's case.)