Monday, October 28, 2013

Catching up

It's nice to be back after an adventure in Broward.  I'm trying to catch up on what's going on.  Email me if you have anything... 

1.  Looks like Mike Pizzi is fighting and going to trial, while his co-defendants cut deals.  Will be an interesting trial:
On Friday, the two-term mayor, surrounded by an entourage of defense lawyers and political supporters, pleaded not guilty to an indictment charging him with seeking kickbacks in exchange for sponsoring federal grant applications that prosecutors say were meant to enrich him.
Even the magistrate judge, John J. O’Sullivan, took notice: “A lot of people here for one person.”
Pizzi, indicted Thursday by a federal grand jury in Miami, is charged with conspiring to commit extortion and four counts of attempted bribery. If convicted, each count carries up to 20 years in prison.
Outside the Miami federal courthouse, Pizzi and his defense team, Ed Shohat, Ben Kuehne and Ralf Rodriguez, declared the former mayor would go to trial instead of cutting a plea deal — as another local mayor and two lobbyists accused of the same crime are expected to do in the coming weeks.
“I am innocent, I am not guilty,” Pizzi said repeatedly, with his lawyers and about 25 supporters standing with him. “And I will be exonerated and found not guilty at trial.”

2.  If it wasn't bad enough for the Dolphins today after their collapse, their star center was served with a subpoena leaving the stadium:

 Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey was served a subpoena shortly after Sunday's 27-17 loss to the New England Patriots.
The Massachusetts State Police issued Pouncey the subpoena as he exited the team's locker room at Gillette Stadium.
According to Sports Illustrated, the subpeona is related to an investigation into former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who is a close friend and college roommate of Pouncey from their days together as teammates at the University of Florida.

 3. One of the world's top sellers of stolen credit card data, Egor Shevelev, who has the online handle Eskalibur, was extradited to South Florida after he being convicted in New York and sentenced to serve a lot of time.  The Sun-Sentinel has the details.

4.  The feds are now using warrantless wiretaps in criminal cases.  Is anyone surprised?

5.  Justice Sonia Sotomayor spoke recently at Arcadia.  There aren't Scalia quips, but still some good stuff:
An important piece of who Sotomayor is seems to be rooted in her days at Princeton. She shared about feeling alienated and her college roommate describing her as Alice in Wonderland. The new culture she had found herself in was a world of prep schools and where her peers enjoyed vacation getaways during Christmas and spring breaks. She admitted that everything scared her about college and that it took her awhile to discover her sense of value in an Ivy League setting. “It took me awhile to understand that even though my experiences were different, they were not unimportant and they had their own value,” she said. “That is probably one of the hardest things … you will likely experience in college. Finding a way to stay true to your sense of value … and having to look at others and say ‘OK, you may be academically smarter, but I bring a new perspective and a different way of looking at the world.’ Keeping that alive in all of us is probably the hardest challenge.”


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The best thing about Broward is seeing it in the rearview mirror. Congrats.

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same results with a miami dade jury?