Thursday, August 01, 2013

Judicial happenings

1.  Congrats to Judge Carnes on becoming Chief of the 11th Circuit.  From the Montgomery Advertiser:

Joel Dubina, Montgomery-based federal appeals court judge, will step down today as chief judge of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, and a Montgomery judge will succeed him.

The 11th Circuit announced Wednesday that U.S. Circuit Judge Ed Carnes will assume the position, which is awarded in order of seniority. Dubina was appointed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in 1990 after four years as a U.S. district judge in Montgomery; Carnes was appointed to the circuit in 1992. Both were appointed by President George H.W. Bush.

Judge Dubina had a great run as Chief and will remain active on the court.

2.  Glenn Sugameli breaks the news again about federal judgeships:

A) New future vacancy raises US total to 101 current and future vacancies

B) Major bill to create 91 new federal judgeships, including many in FL

How will this bill affect us:

Permanent judgeships:

· 3 additional district judgeships for the southern district of Florida;

· 5 additional district judgeships for the middle district of Florida;

· 1 additional district judgeship for the northern district of Florida;

Temporary judgeships:

· 1 additional district judgeship for the middle district of Florida;

Permanent status to temporary judgeships:

· 1 in the southern district of Florida;

Of course we currently have two open seats and the JNC is accepting applications now, until August 19 (the first day of school).  From everything I am hearing, there is an expectation that there will be about 25 applications, and the JNC will then send 4 names to the Senators for 2 slots (after the interviews). 


Anonymous said...

Great - Carnival Carnes - let the witty and inappropriate festival begin.

3 additional judgeships - WOW!!! - I can't wait to put my name in. I am a shoe in.

s/ 40something member of:

- Young Republicans
- Federalist Society
- Young Democrats (Mentor)
- Judicial Watch
- Spellman-Hoovelar Inns of Court
- Americans who hate Terrorists
- Americans who love Freedom
- Americans in support of FISA and the Patriot Act
- Libertarians for American
- Support our Troops
- Fred Moreno Lunch Club
- Campaign to Elect Marco Rubio
- Campaign to Re-Elect Bill Nelson (steering committee)
- Friends of the Sayfies
- All things Pro Bono Committee
- Inner City Big Brothers and Sisters (director)
- Americans in favor of Minimum Mandatory Sentences
- Americans opposed to Welfare
- Christian Coalition of America (f/k/a Christian Coalition)
- Save Dade
- Alpha 66
- Willkie Ferguson Bar Association
- Not the ACLU

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

i dont know who is worse, prosecutors trampling defendants' rights or the preacher-man willing to rub them into rehabilitation.

MC Waste Services, Inc said... easy pickings in opa locka, 4 million dollar settlement at least.